June 15, 1993

IIT Joint Entrance Examination 1993

In May 1991, the result of my class 10 board examination was a shock as I failed in mathematics. My father applied for revaluation at CBSE, the board which conducted the exam. For a long time we did not hear anything from them so I had to enroll in Class 11 without mathematics as one of the subjects. Then after about 2 months we received a letter from CBSE saying that my mathematics marks were 88 and not 25. The letter did not contain the words apology or sorry but that is ok, at least they corrected my marks. After that I was enrolled for the mathematics class at school and my father enrolled me for the correspondence course from Brilliant Tutorials for preparation of IIT-JEE. In addition I had 3 textbooks - Physics by Resnick and Halliday, Chemistry by O.P.Aggrawal and Mathematics by Awasthi and Awasthi. With these material I started preparing a for JEE at home. I vowed not to see TV even for a minute during the next 2 years and stuck to that. Some thought and chose to even tell me that without special coaching classes it is difficult to get into IIT. But for some reason I thought of putting all the effort which I can in preparing for the exam. When the results were declared it was a pleasant surprise.

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