January 6, 2000

Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

From the time that I was around 13 years old, Germany was my faviourite country after India. I cannot explain the reason for that. I was really happy when I got the chance to do my engineering degree at IIT Madras, an institute which was set up with the assistance of Germany. In 1993, during my first year at IIT, I wanted to take a course in German language. It had limited seats which were offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and those who wanted to take it stood in a long line hours before the assigned time for collecting the COT (Consent of Teacher). I went shortly before the opening time and did not get the COT. I was disappointed but then in 2000 I had the chance to do the 'Grundstufe 1' course at Max Mueller Bhavan in New Delhi.

At that time I was working at Daewoo Motors in Noida.I applied for the course a few months in advance and reserved my place by paying an extra fee of Rs.800 for those who do not want to stand in the line on application date. The 5 month long course started on 6 Jan 2000 and was from Mon to Fri, 7:30pm to 9pm. The teaching method of our teacher Mr. R.S. Bains was so interesting that I enjoyed the classes and learned so much. After work I used to take the company bus to Connought Place, walk to Max Mueller Bhavan, attend the class and return to my room in Noida by public transport bus. I used to reach home by around 10:30pm and after dinner did the homework given by Mr. Bains. At the end of the course I came 3rd in the final exam and got a gift voucher of Rs.500.

In the years to come the knowledge which Mr. Bains taught helped me a lot.

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