June 1, 2004

Tata Technologies Ltd.

After leaving EDAG India, I joined Tata Technologies Ltd. in Pune.

Tata Technologies had an impressive campus and there are a few photos of it at this site. Soon after joining, I was sent to work on contract at Lotus Engineering in Shah Alam, Malaysia for 6 months. After returning to Pune I worked at the above campus for 4 months and then was sent to Chrysler Technical Center in Auburn Hills.

While I was deputed in the US, I had a difference of opinion with Dr. Asha Naik, the global head of human resources at Tata Technologies. I conveyed my complaints to the CEO Mr. Patrick McGoldrick who was very concerned about the issues raised but there was no reaction from Dr. Naik. In response I resigned from Tata Technologies, continued working for the requisite notice period of 3 months and left the US on 4th July 2006. I returned to India and joined EDAG India again.

After about 2 years I learned that Dr. Naik left Tata Technologies.

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