July 4, 2006

Chrysler Technical Center in Auburn Hills

I was an employee of Tata Technologies Ltd and was sent to work on contract at Chrysler Technical Center in Auburn Hills.

Working there was quite an experience...This is an aerial photo of the amazing building -

This is a photo of some of the office halls where we used to work and the corridors where my friend Kaushik and I used to go for a walk after lunch.

I was working in a support team called PCPI and my job was to attend to any problems which the designers and engineers of the Large Car team had with the use of the Product Data Management system VPM. I had no knowledge of VPM when I first joined here and was struggling to cope with the work. Tony Alfonsi, one of our supervisors in the support team took extra time to train us and provided a lot of information that helped me in my work later on. My supervisor was Tari DeClerck. She was very supportive and helped me so many times when I got stuck in a problem for which I had no solution.

In March 2006 I had a difference of opinion with the Head of Human Resource at my employer, Tata Technologies. The issue remained unresolved so I resigned and gave them the nececassary notice period for being relieved from my duties. I worked during the entire notice period and was involved in a pilot project in which the stakes were high. What I had learned from Tony Alfonsi helped me a lot in that project. I worked until end of that project and left for India on July 4th, to join EDAG India.

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