July 10, 2006

EDAG Engineering and Design India Ltd.

After leaving Tata Technologies, Chrysler and the US on 4th of July 2006, I joined EDAG India in Gurgaon for the second time. The first time I was a design engineer but this time I was taken as a project manager responsible for design support projects from automobile and aerospace industry. I had been a designer for 10 years and avoided being responsible for multiple projects and people but finally I found myself in that role. Soon I struggled to manage myself, let alone the projects. I think I did more damage than good (to myself, definitely...to the projects, most probably).

It was the most difficult phase of my life. My self esteem was at its lowest...I became severely depressed and was at the verge of ending the suffering...from the terrace of the office building where I worked.

But I survived...by the benevolence of God and help from some of His wonderful children.

After my diagnosis of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) on 11th Sept 2007, things changed so much for the better. I left EDAG (again) on 15th Dec 2007 and took a break from paid work.

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