August 1, 2008

On a Break

After leaving EDAG India on 15 Dec 2007, I took a break from paid work and took steps to organise my life in light of my diagnosis of ADHD Inattentive Subtype -

- Took the medication which was prescribed to me by Dr. Neville Misquitta.

- Followed the advise of Dr. Misquitta to keep learning and organising my life.

- Read the following books on Attention Deficit Disorder :

- Started using a Palm Z22 PDA in which I listed and prioritised all the tasks I have to accomplish.

- Designed and built a holder for the PDA seen above.

- Started keeping track of my finances using a software called SplashMoney.

- Visited my schools and got back in touch with old friends and teachers.

- Visited the library of IIT Delhi to read books on various topics of my interest.

- Travelled with my wife to several exciting places - Mount Abu, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, Udaipur, Chittaurgarh, Bharatpur, Deeg, Jaisalmer, Khuri, Kanha National Park, Khajuraho, Bhedaghat and Bhakra Dam.

- Joined a Yoga class conducted by Mimi Chakrabarti and Dia Pinto.

- Got a permanent tattoo of a lion on my arm.

- Learned meditation and spiritual studies at Brahma Kumaris centre in Sector-31 Gurgaon. Gradually regained my confidence and was happy with life.

After my 8 month vacation, my mentor Mr. Harjeet Singh and good friends Praveen Surapareddy, Naushad Ahmed, Pawan Singh, and Haril Joshi helped me in joining them in RLE International and get back to the role of a designer working on 3D modeling, the work which I always enjoyed.

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