August 18, 2008

RLE International

I worked in EDAG twice, the first time as a designer for 4 years and second time as a manager for 17 months. After leaving it for the second time, I took a break to rebuild my life. Then my old friends helped me in joining them in RLE International. I wanted to be a designer again and was happy to get back that role. I was asked to join the branch in Germany and while my work permit was being processed, I spent a few weeks at RLE India office in DLF Towers in Gurgaon.

After my work permit was ready, my wife and I moved to Germany and joined the Cologne branch of RLE International. But after a week I was moved to the Sindelfingen branch.

This is the RLE office building with EDAG right next to it!

In Sindelfinegen I worked on 3D modeling of some body parts from a Mercedes-Benz project. In Feb 2009 I worked at Kromberg and Schubert through RLE for 2 weeks and then in Mar 2009 I was put on 'Kurzarbeit'. After 18 months on Kurzarbeit I was deputed at Mercedes-Benz Consult Graz.

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