November 1, 2010

Mercedes-Benz G GmbH

In Nov 2010, after having me on 'Kurzarbeit' for 18 months, my employer RLE International deputed me on contract at Mercedes-Benz Consult Graz which is now renamed as Mercedes-Benz G GmbH.

My assignment was to make 3D models of wiring harnesses used in the new generation G-Class to be launched in 2012. At my previous employers EDAG and Daewoo, I loved working on 3D models and drawings of sheetmetal parts and weld spots. My last assignment at Kromberg and Schubert gave me exposure to wiring harness drawings which was very helpful but I had no experience of making their 3D models with routing and electrical connections. I was very keen to learn it and fortunately Mercedes-Benz organised a training program for it which was conducted by Mr. Matthias Haas. His teaching techniques were the reason I could learn. I also had no experience of working with Smaragd, the engineering data management system used by Daimler. My colleague Petra Zoffmann took the time and effort to explain it to me in a manner that I understood.

The G-Class has been built since 1979 but it was the first time that 3D models were being made for its wiring harnesses to enable future development of the vehicle. Starting from Feb 2011, I was the only person making those 3D models which meant the stakes very high for me to do a good job. My managers Mr. Reinhard Amann of the total vehicle team and Mr. Ralf Gisy of the electronics team guided me forward with their unique combination of having the overall target for me ambitious while keeping the sequence of tasks and timeframe for achieving them conducive to learning and enjoying the work. The information for the wiring harnesses was to be taken from several photographs and huge drawings. It was a lot of work but I really liked the work on my hands so my ADHD helped me hyperfocus on it. With the help of the support from Mr. Karl Klug and Mr. J├╝rgen Schauer of Mercedes-Benz responsible for wiring harness and Mr. Harald Leber of Magna Steyr, I could make the complete 3D model of wiring harnesses used in the G-Class for all its civil variants (including AMG) launched in 2012.

In the beginning of 2013 the managers of Mercedes-Benz and my employer RLE made the decision to transfer me as a direct employee of Mercedes-Benz R&D in India so that I could continue working for the G-Class while staying in India. I left for India in March 2013 and the Mercedes colleagues in Graz gave such an emotional send off with best wishes, gifts and rememberances.

Some of my colleagues knew I had the dream of starting an independent design centre for children so they collected their personal money from many more colleagues and gifted it to me along with this letter -

The Electrical and Electronics team with whom I worked gifted this frame to me -

On 1st April 2016, with help and best wishes of all my well wishers, my dream became a reality in the form of Tranquility Base.

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