July 1, 1997

Daewoo Motors India Ltd. - My First Job

The first company I joined after completing my B-Tech degree was Daewoo Motors India Limited (DMIL). I joined as a GET (Graduate Engineering Trainee) and was selected at the campus placements of my college IIT Madras. I was the very last one in our batch to get a job but it was a job that I had always dreamed of...to work in Manufacturing. DMIL had started a new facility in Greater Noida to manufacture cars, trucks, engines and transmissions. This is the DMIL factory seen in Google Maps.

The newly constructed Engine and Transaxle Shop was state-of-the-art facility with 200 CNC machines and I wanted to work there. But DMIL (and life) had other plans for me and I was assigned to the Technical Center. Then after just 3 months, I found myself among the 8 engineers who were to be sent to Daewoo Technical Centre in Korea for an 18 month training programme.

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